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Best Dental Digital Marketing Practices For 2018: Attract New Patients

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Today, at least 85 percent of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses  but why does this matter to you if you get successful results from traditional marketing?

Well…instead of hearing your ads on the radio, people are listening to ads on Spotify and Pandora.

Instead of seeing your ad on television, people are seeing ads on Youtube and Instagram.

Instead of seeing your paper ads in physical mailboxes, people are responding to digital emails sent directly to their mobile inboxes.

What does this mean? People aren’t seeing your advertisements because they’re looking for dentists online.

So,  you might be missing out on a lot of opportunities to reach your target audience by holding onto tradition. Digital marketing for dentists is the way your dental practice will succeed moving forward.

In this article, we will learn digital marketing “musts” for dentists!

By 2021 the dental industry is projected to be worth around $36.8 billion. That’s a lot of teeth for the tooth fairy. But if your practice wants a piece of the profit, it’s incredibly important to start a social media marketing plan for dentists and your specific industry.

For decades, dentists relied almost exclusively on reputation and word of mouth marketing to help them build their practice. But it’s 2018 and more likely than not, your audience is on social. Whether it’s blogging, video marketing, paid social ads or even podcasts, you have to learn the specifics of social media marketing for dentists.

Reputation Management

Obviously, your real-world reputation is critical to your practice’s success. But equally important is your online reputation.

Think it’s not a consideration? Then consider this: Nearly 9 in 10 people trust online reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation.

There are countless online platforms (Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.) where patients can express gratitude or vent about their experience at your practice. In other words, your online reputation can be an asset or a massive liability.

If you think 30 Google Reviews, half of which are 1-star ratings, will go unnoticed? Think again.

2018 will further the current trend: People rely on digital strangers just as much – if not more – than they rely on their own friends and family.

Get Found More Easily with SEO & PPC

With all the competition online, especially in the dental industry, it’s imperative that businesses optimize their content for search engines (SEO) and complement that with a properly targeted pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. 90% of potential patients use online search engines to help them choose the perfect dentist.

Ranking is key, and if your practice fails to rank near the top of the page, you’re losing business. The best way to increase your search engine ranking is to first audit your existing site to see how it’s currently performing.

After that, you’ll need to narrow down the data, do extensive keyword research, and optimize your website. An SEO strategy takes time and attention for it to properly work. Starting a PPC campaign to accompany this strategy will allow you to cast a wide net and find new patients quickly. Together, SEO and PPC can provide you with an immediate boost in positioning and increased traffic to your website.

Paid Search

Sponsored Content

Paid Social

Digital Landing Pages

Email Marketing

Marketing Analytics

Unfortunately, many dentists forget to put their marketing analytics to work for them. Remember, tracking is one of the biggest perks of digital marketing!

You should track how ads are performing and where their traffic is coming from. This is why analytics is an important part of digital marketing for dentists.

Using marketing analytics, you can examine your audience demographics, impressions, click through rates, cost per conversion and many other trends over a set of time.

Dentists are in a bit of different position than many other industries. Clothing stores, software companies, restaurants and other industries have to convince people that what they’re selling is worth their money—even if it’s something they don’t need. Dentists on the other hand don’t need to convince people they need to get their teeth and gums checked. Everyone knows they need to visit the dentist.

The challenges most dentists face are simply getting people to remember to schedule their appointments, and helping them overcome the fear and anxiety associated with dental visits.

Ultimately, it comes down to building trust and earning a patient’s confidence.

Social media marketing is the ultimate way to build relationships with your audience. For a dentist that means convincing your patients that you can deliver a pain-free experience.

Use social media to help patients feel more comfortable before they even visit your office. Showcase your authority, track record and industry experience by letting clients know they’re in safe hands. Remove some of the stigma around going to the dentist through fun and light hearted social content. By giving your practice an interesting personality, you ensure that people look forward to seeing you. Again, it’s all about trust.

Remember that you’re not just selling toothpaste and root canals–you’re selling comfort, good health, confidence, trust and above all a good experience. Social media gives you the platform you need to connect with your patients. Remind them that you’re all about people, not just teeth.