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Law firm marketing to crush your competition without lifting a finger

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Actionable Online Marketing Strategies for Lawyers & Law Firms

Optimize for mobile

In addition to having a website that can be found by your potential clients, you also need to make sure your site is mobile optimized. With 95% of smartphone owners using their device to search for local info, it’s important that when they find your site, they have the ability to get the information they need quickly and efficiently. Utilize click-to-call buttons, create a site that automatically resizes for all mobile devices, and ensure the page loads quickly.


Social media is another great way to own your brand’s online presence. Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus, you can show your authority on your specific practice by sharing legal advice, give your practice a human side by posting pictures of charities you are helping, and you can connect one on one with current and potential clients to create a relationship that helps them trust you and turn to you when they need your services. To stay ahead of your competition in the constantly changing digital world, understanding the importance and need for digital marketing will help you target, engage and convert new and existing clients for your law firm.

Use SEO to generate leads

One in three consumers uses the internet to search for legal services, so if you invest money into a strong search strategy for lawyer marketing with a goal of a 7:1 return on your investment, you’ll outpace the competition investing in cold leads. Cold leads typically convert at 2%, whereas solid leads and referrals convert at 20% and 50% respectively. Work with a digital marketing agency to add content, tagging, and links that will boost your search ranking with little to no effort on your part.

  • If you don’t already have a free listing make sure to create one. You can create a Google My Business Listing Here. Make sure to follow all of Google’s guidelines and use your unique office address, phone number, and website. Don’t spam or create fake business listings. Once it’s verified it will be live on Google.

  • Fill out the profile 100% completely and accurately.

  • Add photos of the interior, exterior, and of your staff.

  • Optimize the website you connect to your Google My Business Page for your location and primary practice areas. Typically this involves adding your Location and Practice Area in the title tags and page content.

  • Markup your local business Name, Address, & Phone Number using our free SCHEMA Generator here. This should be on the landing and contact pages of your website.

  • Build the top citations for your business

Submit Your Site To Law and Local Directories

Gain some quality backlinks and referral traffic by adding your website to legal-specific directories online. Here is a Law Directory List to start with:

Local Directories:



  • Chambers – To get the word out even more, join the local chambers of commerce, professional organizations, associations and memberships in the area to form strong relationships with other like-minded business professionals, provide networking opportunities and a source of traffic to your website with strong, quality links on .org sites.

  • Local Online Guides in your Service Region – If you are a lawyer in the Albany NY area, a good website to be on would be’s Albany lawyers page. This can send you direct traffic and provide a quality link on a page rich in local legal terms

Use Offers, Contact Forms and CTAs to Generate Contact

We’ve touched on this in the point above about site design, but this is so important it can’t be overlooked. You should use a deliberate and consistent combination of incentives or offers, contact forms, and CTAs to actually generate contact. This is a crucial formula, and you need all three parts for best results.

Turn Your Law Firm’s Website Into a 24/7 Sales Rep

Where do people go when they need something? It used to be the Yellow Pages, but now 93 percent of consumers go online to find a local business. That means your law firm’s website is your number one asset. All things should begin and end with your website. In order for it to attract and convert new clients and talent, it doesn’t just need to exist—it needs to be fast, mobile friendly, easily found, appealing, and authoritative.

Manage Your Law Firm’s Reputation and Use Your Online Presence As a Recruitment Tool

The Secret to the Best Lawyer Marketing Strategies? A Law Firm Marketing Agency that Knows What It’s Doing

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