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The wrong clients will ruin your life and business. - Jeremy Haynes on Digital Marketing

The wrong clients will ruin your life and business.

You should only be working with perfect clients, especially if you're just getting started.

If you're already running your agency and have a client list full of the wrong clients, it might be time to fire them to make room for the perfect ones.

In November, I fired and refunded over $109,000 to the 'wrong clients' and also let go a majority of my staff to restructure my agency.

Why would I do that?

Because I had shifted my internal values, and I shifted my goals to be bigger and more rewarding initiatives that required me to 'burn the ships.'

The new game starts, before the old game ends.

You'll need to take this lesson seriously if you plan on scaling to 6 figures+ monthly.

The wrong clients have traits like:

⛔ they don't understand marketing or online sales

⛔ they don't pay you what you deserve or what's fair

⛔ they complain a lot and micro manage you

⛔ they do not give you reward based incentives

⛔ they disrespect your time and your teams time

⛔ they are chaotic in their business and personal lives

⛔ they are constantly complaining, about anything

⛔ they don't want to spend more on profitable marketing

⛔ they think small

⛔ they are emotional and annoying

⛔ they do not understand your results you get them (after you've articulated visually and with words several ways)

⛔ they treat others around them poorly

⛔ they are not willing to put in the work to be successful

⛔ they think marketers are miracle workers and make it so they never have to work again (lol)

⛔ they try to pay you in equity when they have not made any money yet, and are not willing to pay you a service fee

⛔ they do not provide themselves or staff with education

⛔ they eat poorly (causes poor cognitive functionality)

The right client for you is dynamic and relative to your values, and what you desire out of a client.

Your perfect client characteristics will become more clear to you as you continue getting more experience as an agency owner.

For me, it took over 2 years for me to define my perfect client! And even today, I still make tweaks to it.

The perfect client traits that you can model after, have traits like:

☑️ Respects Our Work - The perfect client respects our work and what it takes to produce massive results for them

☑️ Understands Our Work - We’ve worked with a lot of businesses in the past that have not understand anything about marketing, advertising, funnels, marketing automation, chatbots, email broadcasts, zapier, payment integrations, sales, follow up, etc.

When clients don’t understand what we do, they can’t understand how to maximize what we’re doing for them without us holding their hand. We want clients who are willing to put in the work to understand what we can do, so they can bring profitable ideas to the table and so they can participate in strategy conversations with us, as this gets the most results.

☑️ Cares About Results, Not Time & Effort - When clients hire us, they’re chasing a result or a set of results. We’ve put in A LOT of time and effort into clients in the past, thinking they would respect the process while we build them what could make them profitable, and then they get pissed results aren’t coming while we’re building what’s required to get results lol

Long story short, clients don’t care about our time and effort, they care about results. We’re not factory workers, we are specialists, and we get paid like one. Look for clients who themselves chase results versus putting in extreme work just for the ‘satisfaction’ of ‘working hard’ instead of working smart.

☑️ Has a Small Team Already - Clients who are just getting off the ground or who outsource everything to people they don’t speak with frequently are not ideal for us. We work much better and get much better results working with clients who have small teams we can work alongside, consult with, train and skill transfer with.

Teams are who we usually end up communicating with for day to day tasks, and the decision maker/personality brand is who we usually speak with for strategy and reporting.

More people = more results and bigger deal potential on the service fee’s and ad spend.

☑️ Already Has The Assets Needed To Work With Us - We DO NOT work with people who have shitty funnels, or no funnels at all. We need clients have a strong presence and working assets including webinar funnels, book giveaways (if applicable), sales pages, application pages, etc.

We need clients with great content on social media sites including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Sometimes potential clients have one channel they are more consistent on then others, this is ok.

Moral of this principle, is that we can get results much faster for clients who already have their shit together with a strong online presence and known brand.

☑️ We’re Rainmakers, Not Handymen. - Handymen are paid for tasks, that are small and usually insignificant. Sure, the handyman is needed in the grand scheme of success, however we are not handymen. We are rainmakers. We are paid to get clients results, and paid well to do so. 

We take the highest revenue driven actions, and that’s it. Nothing else.

That means we run advertising traffic to clients funnels and consult with their existing staff on additional actions that can be taken in others outside of our workload to drive more profits, because we are rainmakers. We don’t want to get stuck building out funnels, or chatbots, or marketing automation sequences, etc. We want to do what drives the most profit, which is advertising.

☑️ They Have Deep Pockets - We spend upwards of $500,000 daily on ads working with a handful of clients. Our average client will spend anywhere from $5,000 daily to $100,000+ daily, which is normal for us.

Our average client spends $10,000 minimum with us in service fee’s each month, most $25,000 monthly. This is the service fee paid to our agency each month you are commissioned on as a sales and marketing manager in our organization.

☑️ They Offer Reward Incentives - if a client pays $25k monthly with us, and we drive them $150k daily instead of what they currently make daily, the client will pay us $75k monthly instead of $25k if we achieve that goal and trend at that daily revenue number for X days.

☑️ They View Us As The Experts We Are - We know what we are talking about, are always open to learn, and have a lot of powerful connections to refer to when we don’t know something or need more info on any area of internet marketing. We need to ensure a client respects and knows our positioning

☑️ Takes Smart Actions Quickly - We’ve worked with clients in the past that have had slow operational processes that slow us down in getting them results, and sometimes those bad clients point the finger of blame at us, which isn’t fun nor deserved.

We’ve also worked with clients that take a lot of action, but they are uncalculated actions that results in chaos from undetermined efforts and lack of thinking prior to taking action. Therefore we work with clients take smart actions, quickly.

☑️ Operates On Data, Not Opinion. - We have had a client in the past who ended up with 88% of his total leads that would come in each month, and over 60% of all the coaching deals that would come in each month--tracked back to our Facebook advertising efforts, yet the client would argue that the leads and new coaching deals came from a youtube video.

Although we had all the data in the world to prove our point, the client continued to argue that they were right, and that we were wrong. This results in the client lowering the value of our work and telling us what to do. All the while, what they tell us to do is wrong, therefore it didn’t get results and we get blamed.

We instead keep a strong, firm reality with operating on data, and fire clients right away if they do not respect this golden rule. Ensure you test any potential clients for how close to reality they are, before taking them on as a client.

☑️ Is Willing To Invest Into The Necessary Tools, Resources, Coaching, And Mentoring. - Successful clients became successful from investing into the right tools, resources, coaching and mentoring to win more to get where they’ve gotten. We respect and desire clients who invest into their personality development as personal development is directly proportional to the size of your bank account and awareness levels.

☑️ Holds Us Accountable To Perform. - Clients who understand what we do, can hold us accountable to do it. We do not like high pressure clients, however we love clients who get on reporting calls with us, and help challenge our work and viewpoints to ensure we have the highest potential and probability for success.

☑️ Respects Time. - We do not want clients who hire us for the time we put into projects, rather we want clients who respect the principle of time needing to pass for key things in business like acquiring data to make decisions with, the time it takes to get results from given marketing processes and strategies we will deploy, and the time it takes to get new contractors trained and hired given we are helping a client expand their internal staff.

☑️ We Want Smart Clients Only - We’ve worked with some clients in the past, that to be direct, were dumb. We want clients who have awareness on what’s happening, why it’s happening, and a general consensus of what to do which results in a better, and less tense relationship.

☑️ They Like Money More Than Being Right. - We do want to work with clients who want to be right, more than making money. Sometimes the ego can hold us back from getting results in life, and sometimes a client's ego can hold us back from getting the results we know we can get if the client isn’t holding us back from trying to be ‘right’. Watch out for ego.

☑️ They Are Willing To Invest Into Our Success. - Sometimes we need more information, or more help to perform even better than we already are. We love clients who are willing to invest into additional consultants to work alongside of us to get more results for the clients. We love clients who send us courses, books, event tickets, and overall have a desire for us to be as successful as we can be as that helps the client become even more successful.

☑️ They Put In The Work Required To Be Successful. - In the first year of working with Lee Haight, a roofing personality brand, we helped make him over $500,000 with a new coaching business in the roofing niche helping roofing business owners make more money. We created a video course product called, Sky Diamonds University,” and I (Jeremy Haynes) helped Lee shoot all the video courses, and market the sh** out of it to make that $500,000+.

However, Lee didn’t put much work into delivering the product which included team coaching with him and a CRM product launch call that rarely happened that caused him to have to take a year off from not delivering to his client base and almost burning his opportunity to help others with his personality brand.

After the 3rd year started, he started investing time into rebuilding those old relationships with past clients, he started reinvesting into himself with coaching, started reinvesting into ads to get his name back out there again, and has made over $2M dollars from driving back and forth between Naples, FL and Miami, FL to come shoot webinars and ad videos and to write ad copy for landing pages and ads and emails. The difference is the work he’s put into being successful.

☑️ They Are Already Making Lots Of Money, And Want To Make Even More. - Our best clients are already making $100,000+, some even more than that when we first start working with them. We work with best with those who are already the best and who want to be better.

☑️ They Have A Good Team They Want To Invest Into Making Great. - Our best clients have smart, motivated people that are working with them who they want to invest into making the best they can be to help the brand make even more more money, in turn helping the team become more confident in themselves and usually also making more money. We like to get results for clients doing what we do best, and like skill transferring best practices into all other areas the team is handling to further maximize our result potential working with clients.

If you filter every client that comes across your agency's plate with the 'perfect client' perspective, you'll find scaling with higher ticket clients much easier because you'll finally realize you have to say no, more than you can say yes.

After absorbing all the information I received from my mentor Jeremy Haynes - you may finally now realize, sales doesn't need to be a shotgun approach. Sales is a snipers game in the modern game of business.

If this sounds like you, even if you're pockets aren't that deep, then lets still have a chat and click the button below.

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